FIFA Virtual Pro League

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Welcome to a FIFA Virtual Pro League. FIFA Virtual Pro League is a new online pro clubs league for FIFA 14 on the Xbox 360. Here we play organised fixtures, with the competitive edge to normal pro clubs. 20 teams will be fighting out for the chance to become FVPL Champion, and have a huge recognition around the site! You have a chance to become known for your player abilities too, rather than just your team accomplishment, with our record charts for top goalscorers, assisters and clean sheets! So come on in, take a look around the site and join a team! Good luck! :)

If you have any problems, contact the owners on XBL, and we will assist you. 

   Owner : Liam Beer

    Co-Owner - xSF Lukaku l17l

We have one main rule here at FVPL. ENJOY YOURSELVES!